Suwon, South Korea travel tips

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1 Public transportation in Korea is reliable and cheap, almost on a Japanese level of efficiency, and the same applies to Suwon.
2 Mastering the Korean language can sound like a daunting task at first, but it is not that difficult. In fact, the Korean writing can be learnt in a matter of days!
3 The Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival takes place in every October at the fortress (Hwaseong Fortress).
4 Plenty of lavish accommodations can be found in Suwon, just look up Yeongtong Plaza Hotel. Professional service, up to international standards, not to mention that they speak great English.
5 Tourism in Suwon is quite big, so finding a welcoming place to stay is, in fact, quite easy, even for the lost westerner. Try Silkroad Hotel, the service is friendly and the prices are quite alright.
6 If you have no real needs ask around for Nammun, they have some cheap rooms.
7 Jimjilbangs are a great place to relax. These illustrious bath houses are cheap and good for your health. In Suwon, Hongik Sports Spa is a great one.
8 If you feel like blowing some steam visit the Manseok Park in Jangan-gu. It has a calm lake and many recreational facilities.
9 The Hwaseong Fortress, or simply Suwon Fortress, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It takes about 2-3 hours to walk around the fort, but it is worth every minute.
10 Most clubs in Korea usually play international hit club songs, R&B and other typical club tunes. Oh, and the notorious local kpop! DJ's are fairly good, so if you feel like clubbing look for “Club Tao”.

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