Ulsan, South Korea travel tips

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1 Taxis in Ulsan are relatively cheap, and while some drivers may drive a bit crazy, they are friendly and reliable. They don't always speak English, so writing your destination on a piece of paper in Korean helps!
2 The Korean language - unlike Chinese or Japanese - uses a simple alphabet that can be learnt in a matter of hours. Travel prepared and learn a few useful phrases!
3 If you would like to relax a bit visit one of the three beaches of Ulsan. Ilsan, Jinha and Jujeon beaches are very nice.
4 Lotte Hotel Ulsan is a four star hotel with all the benefits of such an establishment. Call or book online as they get full quite often.
5 If you are looking for a mid-range hotel just look up Ulsan City Motel, they offer great service for a bargain!
6 Looking for a place to sleep? You can find cheap rooms at Ulsan Motel. Call or book online.
7 If you feel like taking a day off from the usual touristy things just look up the one next to the Bus Terminal, it is a great public bath (or jimjilbang).
8 If you like sports make sure you visit the Ulsan Sports Complex.
9 If you like hiking make sure you climb Mt. Gaji, as it was selected one of the most scenic mountains of Korea. Also the view from atop is amazing.
10 If you feel like clubbing do not worry, Koreans do know how to party. Start off in the nearest bar and then head to “Cima”.

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