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1 You can save a bit of money while you're in Valencia if you visit the Mercado Central, the main fruit and vegetable market in the city, and stock up on snacks.
2 If you plan on using public transportation, get a twenty-four hour tourist card, which gives you discounts to attractions and free transit. It costs $16USD.
3 It's customary in Spain for men to greet women with a kiss on each cheek, even if meeting for the first time, so don't be surprised or put off if this happens---it's just tradition.
4 If you want to save money while in Spain, remember that many museums offer free admission on Sunday.
5 Remember that many museums in Spain close on Sunday afternoons and all day Monday.
6 If you're planning on going in August, remember that many businesses will close during the month.
7 Smoking is banned in all bars and restaurants, unless there is a terrace.
8 The quickest and cheapest places to eat are the bars that serve tapas.
9 The best times to visit Valencia are spring and fall. Summers tend to be unbearably hot, and often crowded. Winters are more pleasant, temperature-wise, but many of the shops close for the off-season.
10 In the Old Town, visit the Plaza de Toros, the largest bullring in Spain, which regularly hosts bullfights.

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