Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines travel tips

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1 Fort View Guest House in Edinboro is a nice place to stay and is within walking distance of the capital.
2 While the last volcanic eruption was back in 1979, it is still worthy to note that the volcano remains active. The warning system however is very modern.
3 The water in Kingstown is certified safe to drink. Be careful when you venture to other areas however.
4 If you want to immerse yourself in the culture, stay at a guest house instead of an all-inclusive and enjoy the tours, food, drinks and conversation with the locals.
5 Are you a daring drinker? Then you must try the Black Wine!
6 Surfside Restaurant prepares some really delicious meals.
7 Do not leave without grabbing a Ju-C Cola & Hairoun Beer.
8 They accept the East Caribbean Dollar as well as US currency. They however do not accept US coins.
9 Take the family on a hike up to Fort Duvernette and enjoy the view from there.
10 Go back a few centuries when you visit the Arawak Rock Carvings. Very interesting and informative.

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