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1 Be sure to get the Stockholm Card, which allows you free admission to eighty museums and attractions as well as free public transportation.
2 For one of the latest nights in Stockholm, head to Hells Kitchen, where the music never stops. If you like house and dance music, this is the club for you.
3 If you have an interest in jazz and want to experience some of Stockholm's nightlife, head to Fasching, one of the city's most famous jazz clubs.
4 Head to Sodermalm, one of the trendiest areas in Stockholm, to Debaser Medis, for one of the best live venues in the city.
5 While you're in Stockholm, indulge and get a classic Swedish massage at Sturebadet, a spa which is a treat for both mind and body.
6 For a unique way of seeing the city, take a rooftop tour and see the city from the roofs of the old parliament building.
7 Take in the views from the city in one of Panorama Sightseeing's glass boats. The tour takes 75 minutes and takes you past some of the city's greatest landmarks.
8 To experience historic Sweden, visit Skansen, which is home to over one hundred buildings and farms that have been relocated from different parts of the country.
9 Take your time and wander through Gamla Stan, or Stockholm's Old Town.
10 If you are traveling with children, then you must see Junibacken, a children't museum which is largely dedicated to literature. The works of Astrid Lundgren, author of the Pippi Longstocking stories, are a featured attraction here.

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