Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands travel tips

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1 So you plan to dress up and dine in fine style, then you must be heading to The Bagatelle at the Ganzevoort.
2 If you want to dine uptown style, then Lemon Cafe should be your choice with it's very tasty dishes.
3 If you are a martini lover, do not leave Provo without trying the Infinity Martini.
4 Try a glass of rum punch which is refreshing and delicious.
5 Enjoy one of the island favorites while there, the Flaming Bob Marley which is a drink that is lit but is quite safe.
6 The only nightclub you'll find is Club Pillows.
7 If you don't mind the smoke and just want to enjoy some good company and music, head over to Seven Stars on Grace Bay.
8 Whenever you hear someone say Provo, it is in reference to Providenciales.
9 The locals are called Belongers and they love it.
10 At Seven Stars on Grace Bay, breakfast is complimentary. It is also a family property and you can prepare your own meals as they have mini kitchens.

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