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1 If you use the taxis in London, remember that they are very expensive. It's far more economical to use the tube.
2 Most of London's major museums are completely free. This includes the British Museum, the Tate Modern, the National Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Imperial War Museum, just to name a few.
3 Grocers in the UK have very good packaged food. If your hotel has a refrigerator and a microwave, you will save money by buying your meals from the grocer rather than going to pubs or restaurants.
4 For the best view of the city, nothing comes close to the London Eye. Tickets are affordable, and you get a stunning, half-hour ride which provides unparalleled views of London.
5 If you plan to visit Buckingham Palace, keep in mind that it is only to the public in August and September, when the Queen makes her annual trip to Balmoral in Scotland.
6 It's a good idea to use a phone with a navigation system for walking in London. Every time a street curves or turns, the name changes, and the street names generally are not clearly labeled.
7 Before your trip, go online and order an Oyster card for the Underground. It's the easiest and most affordable way to get around in London.
8 Bring a decent coat for rain (like a Mac) and decent shoes for walking that are ok to get wet. You're going to do a shit ton of walking!
9 On a Friday or Saturday night on the Tube or bus, don't sit or stand next to obviously drunk people. They WILL throw up on you. I speak from experience.
10 Primrose hill has a beautiful view by night, especially now it's a bit colder, you might be the only one up there. You do have to climb up the hill a bit, but it is definitely worth it

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