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1 If you are a proper petrolhead, going on a road trip is in the U.S. is a must. Buying a car as a foreigner is difficult, but renting is always a good option.
2 Feel like catching a football game? Check out the New England Patriots.
3 Sports are big in the U.S., and the baseball matches of local team Boston Red Sox are always entertaining!
4 Lavish accommodations can be found in Boston, just look up The Fairmont Copley Plaza. Professional service, up to international standards.
5 Tourism in Boston is quite big, so finding a welcoming place to stay is quite easy. Try The Kendall Hotel, the service is friendly and the food is great!
6 If you have no real needs ask around for 40 Berkeley Hostel, they have some cheap rooms.
7 St. Patrick's Day is a must if you are in Boston during March. Be prepared for some intense partying!
8 Boston is a city of knowledge. With many universities and colleges this metropolis is all about advancing the human knowledge!
9 Most clubs in U.S. play international hit club songs, R&B and other typical club tunes. DJ's are fairly good, so if you feel like clubbing look for a place called “Pink”.
10 Alcohol may be a major health issue the U.S., but if you are up for some responsible drinking, Boston has plenty of choices to offer. Ask around for a nice bar or just head for Sligo's Pub.

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