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1 America is the country of road trips. If you ever wanted to head out and drive for hours for no apparent reason, it is your time to shine! Try renting online!
2 NFL, or National Football League is one of the biggest sports in the United States. Chicago has its Chicago Bears, check for tickets online.
3 Baseball is big in the U.S. Try the games of the Cubs or White Sox.
4 Local and international tourism in Chicago is quite significant, and there are many choices for the well-off. Luxury hotels can be found just by asking around, or just look for Crowne Plaza.
5 If you are looking for a mid-range or family centered hotel, try looking up The Silversmith Hotel. They have great service and fair prices.
6 If you are looking for a cheap place to stay try H.I. Chicago Hostel. It has great prices and the service is excellent.
7 If you are into music, Chicago is the place to visit! Festival spring up like flowers once the summer sets in.
8 Chicago boasts countless world class museums. You can easily spend a week touring all of them, and still find something new.
9 Take on the Magnificent Mile in a day long shopping and sightseeing spree. Don't forget to visit the John Hancock Center and check out the wonderful Chicago skyline!
10 If you are looking for a place to dance, Chicago has quite a few great options for you. Liar's Club is always a good place to start, ask around for directions.

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