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1 Service charges are almost never included. If you do not tip, your waiter might consider you cheap! Tipping is a highly subjective concept, give what you feel is right.
2 The Cleveland Hopkins Airport is the fastest way to visit Cleveland.
3 If you prefer traveling to Cleveland on a budget, just buy a cheap bus ticket!
4 You cannot have mobility without a car in the U.S. Try renting, and look for the best prices online.
5 American English is quite different from British English, and sometimes people have impossible accents.
6 Tickets are not that hard to come by for local heroes Cleveland Indians.
7 Fairbridge Hotel Cleveland East has great rooms, definitely recommended.
8 Hotels are abundant in Cleveland. Try Motel 6 Willoughby for a budget place.
9 Smiling is not frowned upon in the U.S., do not be surprised!
10 Take a boat and see Cleveland by water via Lake Erie or the Cuyahoga River. Worth every penny!

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