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1 Traveling in Flagstaff, just like the rest of the U.S., is all about cars. If you do not have one, rent is your best option.
2 If you want a real hotel for the night call Little America Flagstaff. Professional service with great breakfast.
3 Flagstaff has countless hotels and Fairfield Inn Flagstaff is always a good last minute choice.
4 Finding budget accommodation in Flagstaff is not a challenge, cheap motels and hotels await you on almost every corner, but picking the right one can be difficult. Try the Grand Canyon International Hostel if you need a place to stay.
5 The Lowell Observatory is a national historic landmark, and was built in 1894 by Percival Lowell.
6 If you are into extreme sports, Flagstaff is the city for you. Biking, hiking, you name it, the area around the city was meant for these kind of activities.
7 Flagstaff is an ideal place to set up your basecamp for a proper Grand Canyon Tour. Just an hour away, the canyon is a true natural wonder.
8 People love dance clubs, just ask around and you will find great places anywhere. In Flagstaff look for The Green Room, it is a unique experience.
9 U.S. cities are usually packed with pubs and bars. Be sure to avoid the shady looking ones and you will have a great time. Altitude's Bar & Grill is a good place to start.
10 The U.S. cuisine is as international as it gets. Hamburgers are always a great choice, but if you want to visit a proper restaurant, Criollo Latin Kitchen is a great place to start.

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