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Oahu has a few farmer's markets where you can pick up locally produced items and food not commonly found within the tourist traps. Check this website out for dates and times of the markets. http://hfbf.org/markets/

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Very few beaches in Hawaii have lifeguard stations. Which out for rough water, and for the love of God, don't turn your back to the ocean.


Honolulu plays host to many different events. Check this calender out for concerts, night life events, and other activities. http://www.hnlnow.com/events/main.php


Safety tips: There's so much to Hawaii, it's actually quite hard to put everything down into a few tips. While some people are content to simply land in Hawaii and be whisked away via shuttle to a posh hotel which may or may not have a beach view, there are others still who prefer to explore and see the islands as it was meant to be experienced. My tips deal mainly with the island of Oahu where...

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