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1 Visit Griffith Observatory in daylight! Astonishing panoramic view of the city and there are also many nice hiking trails in the surroundings. Also, on 4th of July the Griffith park is open and gives you a good view of the fireworks around the city at night. But go early to find a nice spot!
2 If you're around, check out the Hollywood Farmers Market on Sunday morning. It's one of the biggest markets in California. Free samples, fascinating people, hot street food. And you'll be coming at the peak of blood orange season, so try some, it's a California specialty.
3 Visit Chinatown. Cheap, awesome food and lots of interesting shops. Get some genuine dumplings or roast duck.
4 If you are a proper petrolhead, going on a road trip is in the U.S. is a must. Buying a car as a foreigner is difficult, but renting is always a good option.
5 Feel like catching a football game? Check out the Los Angeles Avengers.
6 Sports are big in the U.S., and the baseball matches of local team LA Dodgers are always entertaining!
7 Lavish accommodations can be found in Lost Angeles, just look up Shade Hotel. Professional service, up to international standards.
8 Tourism in Los Angeles is quite big, so finding a welcoming place to stay is quite easy. Try Magic Castle Hotel, the service is friendly and the food is great!
9 If you have no real needs ask around for Surf City Hostel, they have some cheap rooms.
10 Drive down to Venice Beach and take a walk towards the Santa Monica Pier.

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