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1 Tea automatically comes iced and sweet. If you want it hot or not sweet, you have to ask for it.
2 The alcohol laws of North Carolina prohibit the sale of alcohol after 2AM and before 7AM Monday-Saturday, and from 2AM until noon on Sundays. Beer and wine are available for purchase at most markets, grocery stores and gas stations. You can only get liquor at state-run stores/ABC stores.
3 North Carolina folks are very respectful and do not like people shouting especially in crowded areas. do not honk your horn unless necessary. They always hold the door open for you. Embrace the southern hospitality while you are there.
4 If hiking, avoid straying from the marked trail. There are venomous animals located in North Carolina. During the summer, thunder storms increase and the potential for dangerous lightning should be acknowledged. Near the ocean, shark attacks have been on the rise in recent times. Be careful when swimming or boating.
5 North Carolina is a relatively safe state except for the bad drivers. be careful on the roads.
6 Western NC barbecue (or Lexington Style) favors only the pork shoulders, and the sauce (or dip) is vinegar- and tomato-based. Eastern NC barbecue roasts the entire pig, and uses a sauce made primarily from vinegar and hot red pepper. The pork is usually pulled.
7 The Appalachian Mountains in the western part of the state provide extensive trails for hiking and many places allow for overnight camping. Check out Grandfather Mountain which is a popular tourist spot with a fantastic view, or climb Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River.
8 Parts of the Outer Banks are inaccessible by car and can only be accessed either by the North Carolina ferry system or by private boat.
9 You should visit the capital, Charlotte, which is home to several sports teams and historic sites. It is a good base for the Carolina traveler in the heart of the Carolinas with 2 main interstates (I-77 and I-85) running though it. It is a very green city. The state's first metro area, Metrolina, encompasses Gastonia, Concord, Monroe, and Rock Hill, South Carolina.
10 The Lost Colony is a 400 year-old mystery haunted Roanoke Island on North Carolina's Outer Banks. There, in 1587, about 120 men, women and children established the first English colony in the New World -- then vanished without a trace, leaving historians and archaeologists with one of America's most perplexing mysteries.

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