San Francisco, United States travel tips

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1 Avoid the Civic Center (Market and 6th to Market and Van Ness, or thereabouts) after dark
2 Avoid having a car, the public transport is quite good
3 Interstates, highways, bridges and county backroads. They all await you and your perfect roadtrip! Just rent a car in San Francisco and off you go, have the adventure of your life!
4 The San Francisco 49ers is the local football team. If you feel like catching a game look online for ticket information.
5 America's national pastime is baseball! If you feel like going out to watch a ball game, check tickets for the local team San Francisco Giants. Don't forget your peanuts and cracker jacks!
6 Pacific Tradewinds Backpacker Hostel is a great way to lay your head for a night. Cheap, but decent service.
7 Liquor is easy to come by in San Francisco, but you have to be over 21, otherwise you will not be served! Stray Bar is a good place.
8 Looking for a fair priced restaurant in San Francisco? Just google Rich Table, they have great service and amazing food.
9 San Francisco differs from the rest of California due to its closeness to the Ocean. The weather changes rapidly, a sunny morning can turn into a rainy afternoon any day.
10 Tipping is an art in the United States. The rule of thumb is that you should always give some tips in restaurants. 5% means that service was mediocre, 10% means regular and 20% is for outstanding service.

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