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1 Mood of waiters in the U.S. can vary from hospitable to outright rude. Rule of thumb is, if you appreciate the service of someone, tip.
2 Using vending machines (laundry, for example) can be tricky as they still need coins, count your quarters, they can be useful!
3 You cannot have mobility without a car in the U.S. Try renting, and look for the best prices online.
4 Try catching a college football or NFL game, the local team is called San Jose Sabercats.
5 Tickets are not that hard to come by for a good baseball match. The San Jose Giants is the local team, and you always root, root-root for the home team!
6 Hotel Valencia Santana Row may not be the cheapest hotel in San Jose, but if you want professional service do not hesitate to book a room here.
7 Need a family hotel for the night? Try calling Santa Clara Marriott as they are quite friendly and usually have a room to spare.
8 Motels in the U.S. are relatively cheap, and Valley Inn San Jose is a great place to stay for a night or two.
9 San Jose has several Amusement Parks. Golfland, Raging Waves and California's Great America are all popular destinations.
10 The Tech Museum of Innovation is a great family program, with its IMAX theatre and stunning displays it is a must.

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