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1 Connections are available to Tulsa International Airport.
2 Greyhound has great bus service to Tulsa and it is cheaper than flying!
3 Feel like going on that summer road trip that you always dreamt about? Now is your time shine!
4 Despite what movies tell you, swearing is frowned upon in many places - especially by a foreigner. Be polite!
5 If you want to have a nice afternoon on the sun while sipping warmish beer, get tickets for a Tulsa Shock game.
6 Want to enjoy the perfect holiday? Book a room at Radisson Hotel!
7 The Hyatt Regency Tulsa may not be the cheapest hotel in Tulsa, but the do offer great value for price.
8 Hotels are easy to find in Tulsa, Howard Johnson Inn is a clean and affordable place.
9 Navigating in any American city is a nightmare, so always have a GPS at hand!
10 Mini-Con is Tulsa's Annual Anime Gathering. Enough said.

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