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1 Do not leave Brazil without trying the National Dish feijoada but eat it sparingly as it is a heavy dish.
2 Make sure to grab a handcrafted souvenir such as jewelry which are well made and usually very affordable.
3 Buying Brazilian clothes allows you to fit in instead of appearing as a tourist and attracting attention to yourself.
4 Don't pack too much as clothes and shoes in Brazil are of good quality and very affordable.
5 If you have space, grab a hammock, they are usually nicely woven and beautiful.
6 It is illegal for a merchant to require you to make a specific minimum purchase before accepting your card.
7 If you are travelling to small towns, get your cash before heading there as there are usually no international ATMs.
8 To avoid your card information being skimmed, use only the bank ATMs.
9 It's better to use cash when doing transactions as people have been known to siphon money from tourists' cards.
10 Feel free to join a soccer conversation or just learn about the sport as it is the main talk almost everywhere.

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