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1 Avoid political conversations at all cost. remember as well that many people understand multiple languages so try to keep your comments regarding their culture positive.
2 Get your Hepatitis A and any other travel related shots prior to heading there.
3 If you have an emergency situation, call 131 for an Ambulance, 132 Firefighters and 133 Carabineros(Police).
4 Do not take photos of military ships and places without prior permission or you may face interrogation and/or get arrested.
5 It is cheaper to buy a phone in Chile while vacationing than to end up losing your smartphone.
6 Chilean cops and guards are known for their honesty. Do not attempt to bribe them.
7 Only use your gadgets such as laptops and tablets in internet cafes or at the metro station where it is safe and WiFi is free.
8 Be careful in Santiago as there are several cases of pickpockets and mugging.
9 If you are in Northern Chile for skiing, check out the Portillo, which is a very upscale resort.
10 You cannot drink in alcoholic beverages in any public area across Chile.

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