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1 Hong Kong is an archipelago of 260 islands, so to really experience it, hire a pleasure boat and have a blast. Don't leave your picnic basket.
2 Forget the 1962 setting, but a visit to Lin Heung Tea House is a must to get the best dim sum.
3 Do not miss the panoramic view of Hong Kong from Victoria peak. It is breathtaking!
4 Getting around in a taxi for short trips is pretty cheap with the meter starting at $2, and increasing by $.90 for every kilometer thereafter.
5 Fine dining facilities impose a 10% service charge with another five percent expected for great service.
6 Rush hours on the Mass Transit railway are 8-9 am and 6-8 pm.
7 Don't worry about getting around on the Mass Transit Railway. The Station maps and signs are bilingual.
8 Starbucks and Pacific Coffee always provide free wireless access.
9 Chinese people speak very poor, if any English. Learn a few useful phrases.
10 Don't think that the Chinese are being rude when they move briskly pass you or serve you very fast. It's due to the dense population they've had to focus on being swift rather than cordial.

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