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Auckland, New Zealand
Visit Auckland Museum. It's absolutely massive and sits on top of a hill that overlooks the city.
5 years ago - 1 comments
Barcelona, Spain
If you like sports you should check out Camp Nou, home of the Barcelona football team. It's a team with a lot of history and home of some of the greatest footballers of all time.
5 years ago - 0 comments
Tempe, United States
Bike lanes are along many roads (which see more traffic the closer you get to downtown Tempe and ASU) and a variety of very enjoyable bike paths are in and around parks and scenic locations, which con...
5 years ago - 0 comments
Tokyo, Japan
Be sure to reserve your hotel rooms. The Japanese don't understand the concept of "just dropping into town." I tried the no-reservation thing and it didn't work out well.
5 years ago - 0 comments
Beijing, China
"Da Zhong" is the best roast duck in Beijing. A well-kept secret.
5 years ago - 0 comments
London, United Kingdom
Science museum is awesome
5 years ago - 0 comments
Mumbai, India
You won't be able to get a cell phone as a tourist. You have to provide proof of residency.
5 years ago - 0 comments
Sochi, Russia
Sochi’s temperatures tend to fluctuate, so you’ll feel most comfortable if you dress in layers. This is particularly important if you plan on seeing outdoor events, where the climate isn’t controlled....
5 years ago - 0 comments
Rio, Brazil
Visit the Royal palace Tiradentes it used to house the brazillian congress when Rio was the capital, the emperors palace is also next to it.
5 years ago - 0 comments
Johannesburg, South Africa
It will be cold in the evenings and nights, once the sun goes down, so pack accordingly
5 years ago - 0 comments
Salt Lake City, United States
A 10-year, $2 billion redevelopment of downtown (called "Downtown Rising") began in 2008 and is systematically disrupting virtually every major street and building in the downtown district.
5 years ago - 0 comments
Potsdam, Germany
Go see Sanssouci! It's beautiful. Potsdam has a very different vibe from Berlin. It's worth a day.
5 years ago - 0 comments
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